Monday, 21 July 2014

The Gardens of the Rose

This week I went to visit The Royal National Rose Society's Garden of the Rose near St. Albans, Hertfordshire. The amount of varieties there is overwhelming and although it is impossible to see all the roses at their best, there was a good display.

It was one of the hottest days of the year and both me, my camera and the roses were struggling with the heat but it was worth the effort; with a light breeze going through the gardens and skylarks above, it seemed to be the most perfect day to be there. I would highly recommend it a visit, but only if you're genuinly interesyed in roses; there was traditional companions such as Alchemilla mollis, Heuchera and Clematis but the stars were the roses.


Above is floribunda rose 'Anisley Dickson'.  It is a lovely soft red/orange with yellow stamens, it is nice and open and has a slight fragrance.

A rose with a strong fragrance is 'Cadfael' (below) which is an English Old rose, it also has excellent repeat flowering. I don't know how useful it is for insects and wildlife as it has tightly packed soft pink blooms.

This climber above is 'Dublin Bay', it is a beautiful blood red and repeat flowers but the scent is minimal.

This little beauty really caught my eye, a prolific floribunda with glowing yellow centres and petals in pink, red and orange hues. It is known in America as 'Cinco de Mayo' but here it is known as 'Celebration Time'. It has little scent but truly is a feast for the eyes.
This photo does not do this rose justice. (My camera had problems with the high light levels).
This rose is absolutely gorgeous; 'County of Yorkshire' is a small floribunda rose with a spreading and compact habit and lots of flowers that unlike some white roses don't look 'tatty' round the edges as the flower matures. To me, this is close to my idea of a perfect looking rose.
It is an ideal ground cover rose or for use as a weeping standard. The scent isn't very strong but it is good for pollinators. 

'Crazy for You' is this bi-coloured spectacular looking bloom. But alas no scent.

A relatively new rose is 'Irish Eyes'; so profuse and a riot of colour! But what is has in colour it lacks in scent.

The white rose above is 'Summer Memories'; apparently it has really good disease resistance but it also has a lovely heady scent. I adore this one, it has a wild feel about it despite the deliciously opulent blooms.

These roses are of the variety 'Flower Power'. They seem to have lost both their flowers and their powers.
The garden also have two magnificent Cedrus atlantica glauca (Atlantic blue cedar).

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